Are job title really Important?

Most of the time, when we apply for job and in interview we are more focused on Salary then job title. Some senior technology expert said that job titles are useless. But in be honest, book judged by its cover. Job title is important. Being a senior does not described that out quality of work. But represents how good we provide the solution of certain problem. We all have to put our 100 % in work and we paid for it. But truly speaking Title really matters.

For example when you switch job, they usually review in which designation you are working. I got observation. Recently I was working in private company, there two people working in leading role in HR department. HR director was lady, and his sub-ordinate was HR Senior executive. And interestingly most of director task was handling by HR senior executive. After couple years, companies got some losses and they have to lay off most of the company. Meanwhile a Chinese mobile company launch their office in Lahore. Both these guys apply for job. And Job was for HR director. Tell me who was selected there, Yes. They called HR director for Interview and she was selected. So too me job title is really important.

But in the end, it is also important how people see you. There should be something inside you. In one book writer described you that a black child ask to balloon seller, that black balloon is also fly similar to white balloon. He answer, what it fly is depend what inside, not what out it looks. But job title are important.



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