A memorable session with Pakistan No 1 sales trainer and motivational Speaker Ashraf Chaudhry.

Today I got chance to meet and enjoy the Motivational Session by Ashraf Chaudhry. Ashraf Chaudhry is number 1 sale trainer and motivational speaker of Pakistan.

The whole session was based on following points.

Power of Belief.

Life = thoughts

Everything has result, whatever you do certainly have results.  If lord is our shepherd, I shell not so, if we did not get results, certainly you will get these somewhere else. Begin with end mind.

Successful people perform good deeds.

Successful are those people who helps other or serve others.

Conquer the fear or overcome the hesitation.

Successful people are conqueror of fear.

Best way to avoid negative and jealous criticism is to enjoy it. The main idea is to become attention grabber.

If you face more criticism increase your dose of attention grabbing.

Increase your visibility:

How you become more successful with in next 5 years from now. There are two ways, either increase your value or increase your visibility, you have to spend more time on your marketing. Think like brand and invest more on it.

Future = Worth * Visibility.

Anything zero will result will be zero, if you want success in future, spend on both.

Spread Inspiration:

Successful people always inspiration other. They spread Inspiration.


Successful believe on power persistence.  The never lose hope and work continuously towards their goals. If you are in such situation, just think like a seed buried in hard rock. It is growing inside and its crust is getting weak day by day. And finally one day, plant came out and become

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